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Breathwork That Heals The Body, Mind & Soul

The Willful Warrior is led by Leland Holgate Sr., a combat veteran, former quadriplegic, and now studying Psychology & Neuroscience with a forthcoming double Doctorate in Neurochemistry & Neuropsychology.
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A Workshop Dedicated
For A More
Peaceful Mind.

The Willful Warrior is led by Leland Holgate Sr., a combat veteran, former quadriplegic, and now a studying Neuropsychologist with a forthcoming double Doctorate.
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This practice is the culmination of 20 years of practice in ancient breath techniques, and 10 years of research and study in the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology. It is a specific combination of breaths with precise effects on the body and the mind.

The Willful Warrior Welcome Home Method has the ability to drive you into new states of consciousness, where the chaos of life fades into the background, and the emotions of bliss, joy, and excitement for the gift of life bloom in your heart. This allows us to view problems from new perspectives, and arrive at different conclusions and solutions.

To improve your ability to drive the body into this deep meditative state and learn more about the ancient practices of breathwork, follow the Detailed Breath Instructions video!

Our Mission

Our goal is to give each and every person the tools and knowledge they need to reach their full potential.

Through a unique blend of breathwork and meditation called The Welcome Home Method, practitioners leave behind what no longer serves them, and step into their true power.

The Willful Warrior is a veteran-led Conscious Organization. 75% of net profits are donated to non-profits and charities that help those in need, and evolve the consciousness of the world.

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What is the Welcome Home Method?

The Welcome Home Method is a unique combination of intense breathing exercises combined with guided meditation. It brings you back to hormonal, neurological, and cardiovascular center; where you are calm, compassionate, clear-minded, and aware.

In this natural flow state, we walk through life with grace and nobility, creating life rather than surviving through it.

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Meet Your Guide

Leland Holgate Sr.

Leland Holgate Sr is a combat veteran, who is studying to earn his double doctorate in neuroscience & psychology.

Challenges in his life led him down the path of yoga, breathwork, and meditation.  Through natural means, he has healed himself from a neck injury leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  Leland has also overcome PTSD, addiction, and so much more using the power of breath, and meditation.

“People don’t care what you know, until they know you care” – Theodore Roosevelt

It felt like I had found the Holy Grail. It changed my life for the better in many different amazing ways.

Angel Kamenov

I notice I have less anxiety and I’m grounded enough to release tension and pain in my body! I’m manifesting faster too!

Heather Dowdle

In 13 years, I had not gone to sleep without using a sleeping pill. In 1 breath session, I went to sleep, and never needed a single sleeping pill, to this day.

Maria Williams

After doing the breath work I always feel more centered, grounded, and balanced throughout my day.

Anya Keefe

The work allows for progress to be immediate, and for very rapid increases in skill and ability. Love yourself enough to do this, and to go all-in!

Asher Porat

When I Practice The Willful Warrior daily, I feel recharged, energized, and would strongly recommend this practice to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

Sean Keefe